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About Shanti

Hello, I’m Shanti and nice to meet you! I am a mother of three teenagers, ex-himalayan climber, adventure lover, eternal student and a dedicated mentor. My greatest passion is your breakthrough and transformation into a happy and deliberate creator of your dreams. I wholeheartedly make sure that your personal transformation is reflected in beautiful relationships, fulfilled dreams, and a happy life. I enjoy being in nature and explore beautiful places of this world. My passion is freedom.

I am the creator of the F.E.E.L.™ method, which is the fruit of 26 years of work, research and in-depth study. I followed the wisdom of Albert Einstein, who said: “If you can not explain something simply, then you do not understand it well enough.” The F.E.E.L.™ method changes lives around the world and we’re just getting started.

I love my life and I walk my talk because I deliberately set up my business so that my office can be wherever I want. I work from white sandy beaches in the tropics, and consider warm, California my second home. I spend my time in a hotel near the snowy ski slopes or at home in my garden.



If you are considering working with Shanti as a private client, please fill in the form below. Then our team will offer you a free discovery session “FIND YOUR UNIQUE LEADERSHIP POWER” and if you are a fit, you may be accepted to LEAP with Shanti privately! Currently she has 1 spot available.

FREE webinar for coaches, mentors, transformational agents and entrepreneurs

Boost your coaching business

Join me, make 3 crucial shifts, stop waiting for clients, undercharging and wondering if there is another way to do it:

  • from “pray, hope, wait” to practice, full of high paying clients;
  • from stressed to liberated;
  • from (a way too) low fees to confidently charging respectful fees.

What others are saying about us

I have learned how to be gentle and powerful at the same time  

This program is a wonderful experience. The process of learning is done in a magical, gentle and loving way.

Shanti, I don’t think I can put into words all the knowledge that I have received in this short time. I have learned that it’s possible to help the world in a loving way AND take care of my own existence at the same time. Also, those patterns which no longer serve my highest purpose need to be replaced by new ones which support who I want to be in this world.

I have learned how to be gentle and powerful at the same time. I deeply thank the souls who were with me through this transformation and for walking this path together.

It was truly inspirational to hear words like Goddess, transformational agent, allow to be, feel the purpose, your gift to others, allow to receive abundance in your life … and so much more! Abundance of wisdom is like balsam to my soul. The whole process of learning is wonderful and very efficient. The co-operation and support of the group is magical and empowers us all.

Now I feel equipped with a new knowing which is priceless. Your teaching is priceless – thank you, thanks to all!

Maya K.Energy Healer

Shanti always knows how to push the right button to help you release deep patterns.

I was totally exhausted, on the edge of despair and burn-out. Today I’m whole different person– full of energy, open to new challenges, happy and laughing, but back then I was passive, irritated and non-productive. It was even worse was at my job. I felt very incapable of doing anything. When this started to impact my family, I broke down. I felt a lot of emptiness and I started to think about changing my job.

But I actually loved my job. I realized the problem must be from within me because I’d experienced similar feelings at my last job. I saw a repeating pattern and I decided I needed and WANTED to make a change in me.

I was lucky to be at the right time at the right place and I was told about the program LEAP FOR LEADERS. I wasn’t really sure why but I felt the need to go.

In the program I realized wasn’t alone with my problems and this helped me to open up. I spoke about everything and I received so much support! Shanti always knows how to push the right button so I could release my deepest patterns and learn something new about myself.

Now I’m so much more peaceful. I realized that I was pushing myself to prove my capabilities to the world. In the program I realized that being incapable was just my belief. Now I value myself a lot more and that’s allowed me much more success at my job. I delegate much better too. That’s why I have my team, right?

A lot of positive changes have happened at home as well. I have a much calmer relationship with my children and my relationship with my husband has got its spark back 🙂

Maybe this sounds a bit too sweet, but I’m really happy! There are some things I still need to resolve but one cannot do everything at once, right?

Anyhow, everybody from the program is forever in my heart….THANK YOU!

Tina T.Chief Executive Officer

I have earned back investment at least 7 times

Shanti, I have to tell you that I sold my first program today. And then 2 more programs the next day. It works! I’m so happy!

I am extremely grateful that under your leadership I have found the missing piece. I am aware that no expertise will survive if I don’t have the confidence to sell and I knew that I was missing the emotional strength,. I was working way too much and making way to little money. I asked for guidance and there you were. I know I have a lot to learn about leadership but now I am on the right path and under the right mentorship.

In just few a months after the LEAP FOR LEADERS I have recovered my investment 7 times over. I cannot express my gratitude enough.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sonia A.Energy Healer & Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

I don’t know exactly what happened in yesterday’s private session with you but the results are incredible!

Yesterday, followed your advice and took time for a long walk, knowing that afterwards I’d have to finish some urgent work. I worked till 2 a.m., slept for 3 hours, then continued. Everything is done and resolved.

It is unbelievable to me, that after 16 hours of work and almost no sleep, I am totally calm and relaxed. Today I had a very intense day with several very problematic interruptions from banks and their requests, and I was totally calm. My co-workers asked me, I’d done to keep my calm so naturally. This was not my usual way and they were stunned.

Thank YOU!

Alenka R.Real Estate Developer & Investor

Finally I’m honest with myself and I trust and follow my feelings!

The program has helped my unique personal growth and transformation. My successful completion of the program was dependent on my willingness and decision to take a step forward in my life. I got rid of the burden that I used to carry around, and I managed to connect my mind and my heart. When I now meet my negative feelings, I feel gratitude since I can always learn something new from having them. I look forward to having positive feelings too!

My biggest transformation from the program is my new level of awareness, that my mood and welfare are solely dependent on me and not the people or situations around me. I am more and more happy with myself, I love myself and I am proud of myself. Now I meet more positive people and the negative ones avoid me.

I can feel happiness, freedom, peace and love more and more. Finally I’m honest with myself and I trust and follow my feelings. I feel immense gratitude towards everything that happened, I enjoy the present moment and I’m truly looking forward to my future.

Thank you!

Goran M.Professor

Finally, I know how much power I possess!

Before entering the program, I had reached the point in my life where I didn’t know where to go. I felt like everything was falling apart with my job, in my partnership and my close relationships and just everybody.

I knew I needed free time at my job in order to participate in the program and at first this seemed impossible. When I admitted to myself that I need to change and do something in my life, finding free time was easy!

Through the program I’ve been through different stages. I saw how much POWER I possess and how well I respond in unknown situations. I started to BELIEVE IN MYSELF, to trust myself, to listen to myself and to hear it. I dared to react differently in certain situations….differently than I was used to…. and I came out of these situations whole, not wounded and disappointed like I was used to. I already knew that honesty was important to me….but now I appreciate it even more. HONESTY opens every door! I learned how to express and explain myself….how I feel and how I experience situations – this was the most difficult part!

I’m really proud of myself and that I finished the program, since my old pattern was to quit when I was confronted by uncomfortable situations.

I even left a job that I was so afraid to lose before…. and got a new job the very same day! I talked to my father, having a conversation that I had been gathering the courage to have for 15 years….I can see the results so clearly. I allow myself to enjoy life!

Thank you – all of you, who were there with me, holding a mirror for me, I am so proud of everybody.

Natasha M.Entrepreneur & Dietician

Now I know the world truly needs what I have to offer

Before discovering Shanti I was confused about my next step. I had no support and was at a loss about what to do but this wasn’t due to a lack of energy. I was doing a thousand little things and avoiding the important matters in my business.

My biggest AH-HA moment was clear the moment I saw the title of the first webinar, FEEL YOUR WORTH! I began to understand that I knew what would be good for my business. I just didn’t feel my own worth!

Shanti was wonderful. She put together all the pieces of the puzzle that create a heart centred business and I began to clearly see my way forward. The biggest gift I received was the recognition that I was not making up my value and that the world truly needs what I have to offer. I don’t need to accept average.

I can pave the path of my desires. It is OK to be me! We are all together in this world and we all want to make it a better place, each in our own way.

Thank you Shanti!

Martina Z.Professional Photographer

Shanti held the space for me to learn to stand on my own two feet.

When I contacted Shanti, I already knew how Brennan healing science worked and did not expect less than miracles. Those “miracles” surely did happen but not without me doing my part.

Shanti holds a loving, compassionate energy which makes it easier to release old pains and wounds and to heal our past.

Although my ego tried many times to “be saved” instead of taking my power (and my responsibility), Shanti firmly stays in her own power and does not take mine by trying to “save me”.

I had no choice but to be empowered and learn to stand on my own feet.

Bernardett K.Author

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