4 steps to open up to ABUNDANCE …

… or you were born rich!

I don’t know of a child who would be self-critical, who would be afraid of making mistakes, worrying if s/he had already fallen a hundred times, who wouldn’t be convinced that abundance is their birthright and that there is plenty of everything in the world, just like air.

But I do know a lot of adults who are self-critical and because of that also critical to others, who are worried if they don’t make in their first shot and who are living with their needs unmet, convinced there is a lack of everything, that there is a crisis, that you need to fight and work hard, that money doesn’t grow on trees and who are easily manipulated by the threat of lack and therefore held in a state they would never choose for themselves if they were free.

So, I invite you to take a walk with me today through these 4 steps that will open your eyes and bring you closer to what you were and believed as a child – and that is rich.

Step 1 – eye-opening

First, let me ask you, how do you want to spend the rest of your life?

How many times have you stopped and realized that today is the first day of the rest of your life?

Do you live?
Do you love?
Do you take time out for yourself and still your mind?
Do you matter?

Or are you perhaps holding yourself back, cramped in too small of a pot that wants to explode from time to time … just in case, you know, that you don’t stumble and fall and make a mistake in everyone’s sight?

Step 2 – discovering the value conflict

Now, I will ask you in which area of your life are you not living the way you imagined? Are you doing the work of your heart’s calling? Do you earn so much that you feel good? Do you have time? Do you live in an environment and among people that inspire and support you?

Because in situations that don’t support you, you are fighting between two poles. A good girl, a good boy who does what s/he was taught, and an authentic Goddess, authentic Warrior who are emerging from your depths more and more.

Some of the values you were brought up with don’t serve you anymore, yet you’re still holding onto to them. Maybe you just don’t know which these values are? Maybe you are afraid of your power and abundance? When you’re uncovering them, one by one, your life begins to change. And this is exactly what we’ll be doing at my workshop in November.

Step 3 – de-programming

You have been programmed by your environment, whether you’re aware of it or not. In all the areas of your life that don’t bring you satisfaction, you are living the way you’ve been taught, and not the way that would be authentically yours. You cannot avoid the influence of the environment, but you can choose the environment. Unfortunately, in most cases the environment is programmed to say NO.

How many times have you allowed someone else’s NO to steal your dreams?

And the next question: are you ready to do what it takes? Because if you want above average results, you need above average action!

Step 4 – consciously accepting abundance into your life

The Divine expresses itself through you by planting a dream in your heart, your personal, custom-made ABUNDANCE. When you consciously open up to receiving abundance in your life, an opportunity ALWAYS appears. But this opportunity usually requires that you step out of your comfort zone … and there we are again, aren’t we?

Because this opportunity is your spiritual growth. It looks like a live frog you have to eat, but when you do, you realize chocolate candy was wrapped in that green paper.

And if you want that chocolate candy, I will see you at the program. I can guarantee you that will be your best investment this year!