A diamond is formed under pressure …

… or how to handle the pressure and become a diamond?

A diamond is formed under enormous pressure. Even yours. Therefore, do not resist the pressure and do not consider your status as demanding, because this is the only way to be able to tolerate the penetrating power which culminates in you.

What is the meaning of this statement which was dictated to me by the Divine?

My mission is to help you expand your ABUNDANCE consciousness. When you grow your ABUNDANCE consciousness, you will feel enormous pressure and you might prefer to escape from the unknown and go back to the old known state…

At that time, it is time to take a moment and acknowldge that you are on the developmental edge. The pressure that you feel is a sign of growth. I know – you are not sure and do not know what is happening again. You are afraid of falling back into the old state, which you want to leave so badly.

But the truth is that growth, thus reaching a new dimension, feels like death. Since something old must fade away to make room for the new. There is no other way around. You need to let go the old. Perhaps an old consciousness that there is not enough. Perhaps the belief of lack or the fear that you will not be accepted. Perhaps fear of the future. Something must be left behind.

When you feel enormous pressure, you must persevere and breathe. Breathe in the new space that is expanding in you. The uncertainty that you experience is just part of the growth, is part of the game.

It is the beauty, the chaos, the combination of elements that will become part of your new life. When you let the chaos sweep, everything will come to order. Your task is not to condemn yourself, not to give in and not to step back.

Because deep down you know the next step in your business or in your life, in order to experience ABUNDANCE. Your soul is aware of it. It might be a big and demanding step whicg requires enough strength to be made. It requires sufficient pressure, so do not withdraw and seek emergency exits. Be brave and stand on the verge of a golden chamber and wait until you are ready to enter it.

Do not turn away because of light, rather wait so your eyes will become accustomed to it, wait and your heart will open and all of a sudden you will realise that this is your natural state, from which you moved away.

You are the light and ABUNDANCE, I want you to be aware of this and remember it every day!