Business success the feminine way…

… or: do you suppress your natural shine over and over again to be accepted?

If you are a woman your mission is to shine. Even more, your mission is to shine with all your power. However this causes an internal conflict in our nature, as we, women, are naturally beings who love to serve. We like to be accepted, we like to serve and help, we would do everything for harmony, peace and love. We would even veil our shine if the scared little girl in us feels that it might help us be accepted.

The result of this inner conflict, most often, overlooks the signs as to when we should say NO, when we should leave, not get involved, thank, firmly set our parameters or stand up for our truth. These signs are gentle, just as gentle as we are. And they are very easy to overlook.

Especially, since they produce a horribly powerful counterweight.

Ah, I can’t do that to them …
What if I hurt them …?
I’m probably just imagining this …
Something is probably wrong with me because I don’t feel good in the situation again …

From these and similar reasons we, women, persist in relationships which do not fulfil us and which do not enable our souls to grow.

I was a master of delaying myself. I wanted confirmation and acceptance from outside so badly, that I was ready to veil the tiniest light, which might disturb others, and hunker down. To complicate it even more, I hid it all behind a mask of strength – I can do anything, I know everything and nothing can hurt me!

If you are doing the same, it is time to face your wound. The wound, that your light was threatening to others, that they tried to silence it and that they tried to burn you on a pyre. If they did burn you, it is time to raise from the ashes, shake them off like a Phoenix and swear to yourself, that you will shine from now on, regardless of how others respond to your light.

Because you must know, the reactions of other people speak about them, not about you. You are only a mirror and a blessing, if they wish to accept it. Your task is to heal the need to be accepted, acknowledged, and being ready to even suppress yourself for it.

When you truly allow yourself to shine, then you can stop caring about others in terms of comparing yourself to them. The shine itself brings such joy to you that irrelevant earthly troubles in relationships simply fall away. You become joy, a river into which they can throw a fistful of salt, and you calmly wash it off into the sea. You become pure love.

Pure love and acceptance begins when you accept yourself. As everything, this, too, needs to be practiced and the developmental edge tolerated, since becoming a master is a gradual process. The developmental edge is a state of knowing what needs to be done and sometimes, but not always, achieving it. The magic of spiritual growth!

Again and again, I have had the opportunity to observe two things. The business success of a woman who activated her femininity based on accepting herself and her shine as a whole, is limitless.

The business success of a man, who can appreciate and nurture such a woman and be nurtured by her presence is limitless. I’m limitlessly thankful for this gift.

Do you feel this truth at the core of your shine?