Hello, I’m Shanti and nice to meet you!

I am a mother of three teenagers, ex-himalayan climber, adventure lover, eternal student and a dedicated mentor. My greatest passion is your breakthrough and transformation into a happy and deliberate creator of your dreams. I wholeheartedly make sure that your personal transformation is reflected in beautiful relationships, fulfilled dreams, and a happy life. I enjoy being in nature and explore beautiful places of this world. My passion is freedom.

I am the creator of the F.E.E.L.™ method, which is the fruit of 26 years of work, research and in-depth study. I followed the wisdom of Albert Einstein, who said: “If you can not explain something simply, then you do not understand it well enough.” The F.E.E.L.™ method changes lives around the world and we’re just getting started.

I love my life and I walk my talk because I deliberately set up my business so that my office can be wherever I want. I work from white sandy beaches in the tropics, and consider warm, California my second home. I spend my time in a hotel near the snowy ski slopes or at home in my garden.

My professional career has transformed in my ways too. I was a professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Maribor for many years (my clients love that my approach is influenced by my technical mind. I’m very grounded). Later on I was the founder, President and the pioneering Slovenian breastfeeding consultant, the largest non-profit organization at the time in Slovenia. While leading this non-profit, I completed a 6 year training through the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I am constantly upgrading my professional and business knowledge with renowned international mentors.

Personally, I went through a deep crisis when I almost lost my daughter. I’ve experienced, first-hand, what it means when people say “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. I went through three different careers to find out what I am really meant to do. I firmly stand by the belief that I need to listen to myself and follow my instincts.

Through my own emotional healing, rising strong out of my financial crisis and working with thousands of students, I have learned that the sky is our only limit.

I’ve published two bestselling books, 40 DAYS FOR THE ABUNDANCE and TAKE THE CAST OFF OF YOUR SOUL, so far both available only in my mother tongue, Slovenian.

My mission is to help Visionary Leaders to change the world and make it a better and loving place for all of us.