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I’m not sure I wanna be me

That is a quote from Elon Musk that I heard this morning. It really struck me. Why wouldn’t someone want to be himself?   It made me go deep, to the heart of the matter. Because when you think about it, that’s probably one of the most important questions a human being can ask.   […]

Half a million and counting

I am over the moon. My son just published his first app. He is a handsome young man who just turned 20; a home-schooled visionary, science lover, and all-around genius. And a very particular person to live with. He’s been working hard 12 hours a day for the last 12 months to finish this app. […]

How I taught my children to tell me about my problem

Years ago, I found myself navigating a messy divorce, dealing with the biggest financial struggle of my life, and desperate in midlife crisis. With all that going on in the background, there were many times that I was really tough on my children. I would be strict and demanding, criticising and explosive with constant outbursts. […]

F.E.E.L. money opportunities into your life

We both know that the best ideas and opportunities come from being empty, being calm, having no thoughts or distractions, and being in perfect peace with yourself and the world around you. Add a pinch of curiosity and you have the perfect breeding ground for the opportunity. It will slip in and make your dreams […]

Your desire for abundance— greed or authentic passion?

If you’ve ever judged yourself for wanting more abundance, or if you’re finding it difficult to manifest abundance in your life right now, then dive with me into today’s story. It will help you distinguish between greed and your true heart’s desire and ultimately help you manifest the latter. With all the expansiveness of the […]

What would you regret if you die tomorrow?

This story is for you if you are desperate about something in your life right now. Only if you are desperate, will you feel the urgency to devote energy to what I’ll be talking about today. It is not easy. If it was, you would have started doing it a long time ago. The good […]

I kept attracting married men… until I did THIS

It’s the definition of insanity to repeat the same actions over and over and expect different results. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that before … and still, I bet there are certain  areas in your life in which you keep creating the same results. This has happened to me too. From the title I bet […]

Can loosing a loved one be a wonderful experience?

If you have you ever lost a loved one, either recently or some time ago, or you want to prepare for the future, then you’ll find this very valuable since I want to talk about transitions today. They can indeed be very beautiful and transformative. As you know me, I don’t believe in spiritual bypass. […]

How to stop the battle (and F.E.E.L.)?

How many times have you found yourself in a conflict with your loved one and didn’t know how to stop, quit or let alone, get out well? I did, certainly. During my marriage it was sometimes so hard that I would cry for hours, not knowing what for the f***k I’m doing wrong. Then later, […]

F.E.E.L. and resolve conflicts that seem hopeless

  I want to tell you a short story today. A story about how using F.E.E.L. rather then get involved into the story solves even the most complicated and hopeless conflict. So many times when we are confronted with someone or with a different standpoint, we listen to the words and we don’t pay attention […]