Thank You!

Congratulations and thank you!

I have the privilege to welcome you personally into LEAP FOR LEADERS on-line program!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have you here. This will be the most transformative Journey of your life and you will come out as a confident, impactful Visionary Leader as you were always meant to be.

I have an assignment for you right away.

Please take a piece of paper and write down your goal for this Journey.

Start with WHY.

Why did you decide to change your life and step fully into Leadership?

Why are you driven to create your unique Leadership Path?

Next, ask yourself, HOW.

How do you see yourself fulfilling your mission?

How does your work need to evolve in order to contribute the change in the world?

Lastly, ask yourself, WHAT.

What is the product, service or activity that will bring a necessary change to this world?

Then head over to our private FB group and:

  1. Introduce yourself (in 10 sentences).
  2. Tell us your WHY, HOW and WHAT (if you don’t have those yet, then only introduce yourself).
  3. Take a moment and acknowledge your unique evolving Leadership.
  4. Have your favourite drink (mine is actually water with fresh lemon juice 🙂 and cheers to your first step!

Behind the scenes we are putting finishing touches on our program platform and it will be ready in few days. We will let you know and will invite you to join it.

We are leaving the shoreline shortly, get ready. You’ll never forget the Journey. Here is one of my favourite quotes:

Until then, never forget, I fully trust and believe in your success!



PS: For your own record, here is once again what you’ll get in LEAP FOR LEADERS online program:

12 content modules

2 hours kick off call LIVE

7 coaching calls LIVE

2 private 30 minute coaching sessions with Shanti

mp3 recordings of every module and coaching calls

life-long access to all the modules

private Facebook group for additional support for your transformation


Content modules

Kick off call:

In-depth introduction of F.E.E.L.™ Method for ultimate Success and Law of Attraction explanation using F.E.E.L.™ principles

Phase 1: DENIAL

Module 1: Step Out Of Denial And Face The Truth— You Are An Impactful, Visionary Leader!

Module 2: Emotional Transformation: From FEAR to COURAGE to step in your Leadership role.

 Phase 2:  ANGER

Module 3: Healthy Anger— Access The True Power Within To Make Your Crucial Step

Module 4: Emotional Transformation: From ANGER to TRUE POWER to make your bold move.

Coaching Call #2

 Phase 3:  BARGAIN

Module 5: No More Bargaining— Stop Negotiating And Claim Your Leadership

Module 6: Emotional Transformation: From GUILT to RIGHT TO SUCCEED in your wildest dreams.

Coaching Call #3


Module 7: Going Through The Eye Of The Needle— I See The Land!

Module 8: Emotional Transformation: From SADNESS to LOVE and embracing your true longing.

Coaching Call #4


Module 9: Surrender To Your True Leadership

Module 10: Emotional Transformation: From LONELINESS to PEACE and TRUST in your unique Leadership Path.

Coaching Call #5


Module 11: Live Your Purpose, Live Your Success!

Module 12: Emotional Transformation: From WORRY to JOY and FULFILMENT of your ultimate Success and Manifesting the life of your Dreams.

Coaching Call #6

Final Celebration call (coaching call #7):

Integrating Success and Purpose into your unique Leadership Path.

Congratulations to follow your calling and welcome in the program LEAP FOR LEADERS!

If you want to see entire program LEAP FOR LEADERS online once again in details, click here.