Half a million and counting

I am over the moon.

My son just published his first app.

He is a handsome young man who just turned 20; a home-schooled visionary, science lover, and all-around genius.

And a very particular person to live with.

He’s been working hard 12 hours a day for the last 12 months to finish this app.


A real deal app. A comprehensive tool for entertainment, and for learning space literacy. I’m now starting to see how huge this endeavour really is.


What happened?


In the world as we know it, you need a million dollars or more to create an advertising campaign or you can forget about your app.

My boy didn’t have all that.

Still…he confidently told us, today is the day.

He hit that “publish” button and all of us, his brother, his sister and myself, held our breath for a moment.

Nothing happened.

Until it did.


It was like an avalanche. Boys and girls of all ages started to pick up on the most amazing space app they have ever seen and playedand within 17 days he reached HALF A MILLION DOWNLOADS.




But let me take you back to where it all began.

It started years ago when I took him to the watermill to buy some fresh, organic flour. He was 3 years old at the time and he was so impressed. He stood there for hours and studied the mechanics of the water mill. Then he drew it all out in detail at home.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Then, at the age of 7, he studied the mechanics of the biggest ski lift at our hometown ski resort for hours. I wanted to go skiing, but nope, it was always, “Stay there, Mommy, I want to understand how it works.”

He wrote (well, drew) his first book about the planets and solar system when he was 7 as well.

This is the nice part of the story. The proud mama story. But don’t buy into it too soon.

There is a dark and cloudy part to this tale, as always. The rocky road that we, as a family, needed to unfold, step by step.

My son was just a very unusual kid in many ways. He often walked alone, and would become easily annoyed with others. He could sense every little bit of emotional tension around him. And he acted out on it heavily — with me, and with his friends and teachers.

It was really difficult to understand him, to keep up with his pace, and to have my own emotions sorted out so that he wouldn’t act out … OMG.

After a lot of struggling in primary school, where he once tried to explain physics to his teachers and was occasionally punished for being “too smart”, he ended up as an unschooled, self-taught programmer and astronomical visionary. I was freaking afraid. How could I just leave my boy with no formal education?

My mind struggled but my heart knew. There is a bigger plan in it for us.


Is this the happy ending? Not yet.


We still needed to sail the waters of puberty. Can you imagine that? Hormones on top of everything that was already on our plate?

But then I found F.E.E.L. It saved my life. It saved his life. And it will result in a visionary mind being grounded in this world to enjoy the fruits of his work.

I know, that proud mama thing again. But Im pretty sure you will hear about this boy/man in the future.

First I had to F.E.E.L. my own pains. My father was so aggressive and my son could be too. I froze every time he would blow up. I could not help or even handle him. So I had to F.E.E.L., especially through my fear and let my own bottled up anger out. It took me endless sessions with my F.E.E.L. mentor and it resulted in extraordinary healing for my entire family!

I needed to fully own my anger, and express it in a healthy manner. This resulted in proper boundaries for my son, and OMG, did he need them. He could tear our house apart, hadn’t I set the firmest boundaries in the world.

To his day he appreciates it. In his words, he has the utmost respect for me because I am both a firm and loving mom at once. This is the life-long Ph. D in Proud Mama Ive been working toward 🙂

Now that I helped myself, I had to help him next. He felt like an outsider for most of his life. He was so different. He needed to be alone, yet also surrounded by people, who he mostly just needed to provide safety and silence. Can you imagine managing that in a house with 3 children?

Back in his schooling days, despite enrolling him in an amazing Waldorf school, the whole experience was a nightmare. I had endless talks with his teachers who were telling me all sorts of terrible things about my son’s behaviour. He was a genius, just totally misbehaved. And it was all my fault!!!

Thank God for F.E.E.L. once again.

I was able to be there for him when he “misbehaved”. I didn’t let him do any harm, but rather, express his feelings. There were floods of feelings. He felt angry, disappointed and worst of all, like a total failure.

I knew I couldn’t “save” him. I just needed to be a support system so he could F.E.E.L. his feelings. It took us about 2 years before we slowly began to notice some results.

Eventually, he started to feel more at peace. He started to reclaim his amazing creativity. He is not only a genius at programming, and understanding all things outer space, but an amazing artist as well.

Last year he began to work on the project, that I mentioned at the beginning. His app. It took him 12 months, working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. At home, on holidays, on Sundays. Day in and day out.

A month ago he published it. The rest is, and will forever be, history.

I told you this story to show you the power of F.E.E.L., and how it can be used, and is often needed, to support the realization of visionary projects. The stronger the impact and the higher the financial structure of an endeavor, the more you need your emotional strength.

Even my son knows it today. He is totally aware of the need to be in touch with his emotions in order to tackle his projects. And this is where I come in, whenever he needs me.


What about you?


Are you willing to go through your F.E.E.L. growth in order to achieve your success? In order to create the life that you love?

Stay tuned. You will have lots of opportunities to master F.E.E.L. this spring and summer.


Never forget: I totally trust and believe in your success!