I’m not sure I wanna be me

That is a quote from Elon Musk that I heard this morning.

It really struck me.

Why wouldn’t someone want to be himself?


It made me go deep, to the heart of the matter. Because when you think about it, that’s probably one of the most important questions a human being can ask.


What makes me feel like I wanna be myself?

What makes me feel good? What makes me feel alive? What keeps me going, what makes me feel fulfilled, and finally, what makes me happy?

You, my dear, probably ask yourself these questions from time to time. Most likely though, you’re chasing a goal and hardly have time to sit down. Or, maybe when you do sit down, you’re faced with all of these deeper questions and feelings and it’s just easier to run.

Until eventually you break down.


Are you a visionary, my dear?

If so (and I believe you are — you have your important vision and your big mission), then you too probably wonder if you really wanna be you sometimes.

I certainly do.

When you observe the world as it is, you will notice two extremes.

On one hand, you will find people who are trying to be happy. They work on their inner selves, develop their spiritual side, and perhaps practice mindfulness and meditation. But they are not achievers. They may even despise achievers.

On the other hand, you will find the achievers. They are brilliant minds, excellent thinkers, visionaries, and hard workers. Without these types of people you wouldn’t be holding the device you’re reading this on right now, and I wouldn’t be able to communicate this to you from where I’m sitting. But these people are, oftentimes, not happy with themselves either.


I just can’t accept this reality. I WANT BOTH SIDES. I want it all. Just as you do, my dear. I know you want both sides too.

And it is totally possible to have them both, even if it seems like you’re up against the clock to complete your work, goal, or mission. You’re not. You are, however, probably avoiding a part of your life that can either create or destroy that thing inside you that allows you to “want to be yourself”.

What is it?

If you are not new to my world, then you have heard me say it before:


Emotions can either create or destroy your life.

And there is one extremely important tool (the most important tool) that you’ll need if you want to accomplish your mission and still “wanna be you” at the same time.

It is emotional strength.

I don’t mean the ability to act tough when things don’t go your way. I don’t mean the ability to not give a f*ck about another person’s opinion (or at least pretend not to). I don’t mean not giving a sh*t about what the world thinks about you. I don’t mean the ability to do everything on your own and not rely on others.

I have used some not-so-nice words there on purpose. Because when you’re in the thick of it, emotions can be very powerful. If you really allowed them to come out as they are, they would probably come out a lot like that.

I mean true emotional power, true emotional strength.

I mean the state in which you’re able to honestly express your needs, all while experiencing, and even surviving, your emotions. I mean the state of being in touch with your inherent need to be connected with other human beings; in touch with your need to belong, to love and to be loved, to feel safe, secure and yet still adventurous at the same time. To feel fulfilled and, ultimately, to feel happy.

Emotional strength, no matter how sweet it sounds, requires one thing that prevents most of us from even trying to get there in the first place. It requires vulnerability.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and mastering F.E.E.L. – this is the ultimate emotional strength, and doing so will inevitably bring you all that you want.

No more either/or outlook in regard to your vision, purpose, and happiness.

You can have it all.

I believe leaders of the future will have it all. You, as a leader of the future, are aiming to build up your emotional strength right now, if you choose to.


Take it seriously.


Learn to F.E.E.L. Practice it. Don’t run away from your vulnerability, your need for emotional connection, and your sense of belonging. Face it. Face the fact that you need help and support in order to be emotionally strong, and really F.E.E.L. it as it is meant to be. We all need help and support, no one can do it alone.

If you think you can do it alone or you don’t know how to face your vulnerability in order to gain emotional strength, then you are probably quite emotionally miserable right now. Please understand, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

No matter what your mission, you can make it all possible and benefit from achieving it, but only if you have enough emotional strength to carry you.

Once you get there, you will get to experience happiness WHILE you are accomplishing your mission. Your family and loved ones won’t have to suffer. When you look back on your life in your last days or moments, you will know that you have given your best.

So, when I hear visionaries say that they are not sure if they wanna be themselves, it breaks my heart. It inspires me to carry on with my mission even more.

I want you to love to be yourself AND accomplish your mission.

Let’s do it together.

Never forget, I totally trust and believe in your success!