What would you regret if you die tomorrow?

This story is for you if you are desperate about something in your life right now.

Only if you are desperate, will you feel the urgency to devote energy to what I’ll be talking about today. It is not easy. If it was, you would have started doing it a long time ago. The good news is, it is simple. So simple that even children can do it.

You can too.

You just need to decide.

Do I have your attention? Do YOU have YOUR attention?


It is just too easy to escape to another “urgent project” or something that needs to be done rather than looking at how to fundamentally connect with yourself and others in your life. The trouble is, this world desperately needs more people who are willing to re-connect, otherwise we will drown in the emotional starvation that leads to sadness, loneliness and frustration.

What would you regret if you die tomorrow?

I ask myself this question often.

It all began when I almost lost my daughter years ago, when she was 4.

She fell into our own pool. I was the one who found her, dragged her out of the water,  gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, called her back … and she stayed.

It took me 2 years to recover from that experience and there is not a single day since then that I am not overcome with gratitude that she is still here with us.

This accident was a turning point in my life for many reasons. One of them was my awareness that everything, YES everything, can be gone tomorrow.

So TODAY is what counts. You literally may not have another day to make it up.

When people are asked what they would do if they had 6 months to live, many say they would travel the world or do the crazy things they have always wanted to do.

Actually, I don’t really believe that.

I would argue instead that if we allowed our vulnerability, we would admit that more than anything, more than traveling the world, skydiving, creating remarkable projects or kissing a celebrity – we truly crave more emotional connection.

If we have emotional connection today, then no day is lost. You can die or lose everything tomorrow, and you will still feel fulfilled. You would still feel like you’ve done your job in this lifetime.

And you would be right.

Watching my Mom passing away recently has only confirmed what I already know.

Lack of emotional connection makes us suffer.  It causes us to suffer today, at the moment of transition and most probably, on the other side too.

Yet, the defence against vulnerability, what we feel in the moment of admitting this need, is many times overwhelming.

And so we go back to where we were. Not needing anything, blaming others, complaining or finally, giving up.

So how can we accept and embrace those vulnerable moments and step into the need of emotional connection?

Well, the threshold we need to overcome, is filled with feelings. Strong feelings.

Walk with me, here and now, my dear courageous <name>.

Go to your heart. Just simply touch your heart as you are reading this. Give it a moment or two. Then slowly admit how much you need love. Maybe you can stay with this need for just a second and that’s OK to begin with.

Because even this initial second is enough to F.E.E.L. This second has helped you decide that you are willing to make yourself available to feel.

You began with your heart, your F.E.E.L. practice today, and you are already embodying your need for love.

Give it space, soft attention, and most of all, enough time.

You are human.

You need love and emotional connection.

This is a huge first step if you express it to yourself first.

If you feel strong enough, you might want to give it a try and express it to others while being aware of their same need too. It can be a very simple act of appreciation, but most of the time just your energetic alignment with your need will cause miracles.

When you let it go fully, you’ll be amazed. Not by actions from others as you might expect but by the inner feeling you will awaken in yourself.

YOU will feel connected. You will feel a little bit more connected every single time you allow yourself to F.E.E.L. through your need for emotional connection.

Isn’t this amazing? So many times we think others have to change or act differently in order for US to feel connected. But you actually have the tools in your hands and you can activate your feelings of emotional connection. Right now. Today.

I practice this a lot.

Every time I do it, it feels like I can die tomorrow and I won’t regret any single moment.

I am not leaving out my life. I am living it fully!

By simply F.E.E.L.-ing through my need of emotional connection, again and again and again. And a little more.


Never forget, I totally trust and believe in your success!