Your desire for abundance— greed or authentic passion?

If you’ve ever judged yourself for wanting more abundance, or if you’re finding it difficult to manifest abundance in your life right now, then dive with me into today’s story. It will help you distinguish between greed and your true heart’s desire and ultimately help you manifest the latter.

With all the expansiveness of the new year ahead, it may seem funny to touch on the topic of “greed” topic though, right? Let me tell you why I was inspired to go there …

My Mom passed away a month ago. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to go through some of her papers to sort things out and this is a not very pleasant work, as you can imagine … but has to be done.

Turning page after page (OMG, I love paperless administration) I came across some of her personal writing and journaling. Words that revealed her judgement about money and desires that she named “greedy”. I suddenly understood a lot of my past in that moment.

Years ago, when I was right in the middle of a most painful period in my life… when I had lost most of my finances and  found myself with 1 euro in my wallet… I began to research what causes such financial turmoil and pain in one’s life.

This research continues and understanding “greed” is definitely one of my most profound discoveries in this matter. Because once you understand “greed”, it will bring healing to your pain and frustration. More than that, when you spread your light of understanding to those around you, you will not only help yourself but also many people that you love and care for too.


Okay, let’s dive into GREED.

The word really sounds so judgemental, doesn’t it. No-one wants to be greedy and yet, we all are to some extent.

Let’s look at that a little more closely, shall we?

If you want to dive deeper into any topic, especially a judgement, you need to suspend what you (think you) know about it first. You need to suspend what you believe and your opinions. You need to start unpacking greed without judgement and like you don’t know anything about it. That’s always the ideal starting point.

This was how I had to begin when I read those notes from my Mom.

Years ago I would take such words personally and it would have hurt me so much that I wouldn’t be able to move forward, on purpose for a while.

Judgment can be so paralyzing.

This time it was different.  I have developed so much more emotional strength over the years thanks to my F.E.E.L. practice.

So, while reading about greed in her eyes, I chose first, to suspend judgement and allow her words to be true. In her eyes the greed was definitely true.

I allowed myself to be in discovery mode. To really consider what is activated in a person when she or he appears to be greedy.

I firmly believe that no-one is bad or greedy. Really no-one. But so many of us appear greedy. We can observe greed and judge others as “bad” people and make ourselves wrong for wanting more too, this is how we go round and round.

We want to stop greed. We decide it is bad. We want both, to deny our greed and / or punish those who are greedy since we judge it so heavily.

So today I want to open a new understanding of greed. I want to share the truth which became clear to me when I used F.E.E.L. while reading my Mom’s notes so you can understand the truth fully.

First, we always begin by being willing to feel.

I started there too and  I acknowledged that reading about the greed woke up feelings in me (F). When I turned to my body and allowed them there (E = embody), I began to feel all sorts of feelings.

When I appear greedy, I am actually totally afraid. I am scared that my needs won’t be met.

My body has a cellular memory of my needs being judged and denied.

There is also memory from the times when I was humiliated for having and expressing my needs, especially around needs that require money.

Yet, those needs are natural and human. It is our spiritual development to come to terms with these needs and allow them freely so they can manifest our desires.

However, when we are in internal conflict between allowing our needs and simultaneously judging / stopping / denying them, then this conflict comes forth as greed.


Greed is actually internal conflict between healthy needs and not trusting they will ever be met.

If we turn to the law of attraction for a moment, we will see, why misfortune seems to strike or punish bad, greedy people making us think that wanting more is wrong.

Actually, those people are not greedy and not bad.

They are just desperately afraid their needs won’t be met and they, sooner or later, manifest that lack according to their underlying fear. This is the vicious cycle. Fear leads to greed, greed leads to unfulfillment, and unfulfillment confirms the fear.

This is such a painful conflict and needs love and compassion to heal.

If I return to my example for the sake of practical learning… after embodying my feelings, I began to express what was there. (second E = express).

“I am afraid. Actually, I feel such low self-esteem and extremely low self-value. I feel the pain of not being fully loved and appreciated as a precious human being and a being of light.”

I felt the pain of my youth and early adulthood. I was never really shown that my needs matter when I was a girl or a young woman. I was judged greedy and selfish. I was punished by not being given what I needed and raised in lack so I would not turn out spoiled. It was painful and it definitely wounded my self-esteem.

Can you relate, my dear?

Being lovingly present when expressing takes place is so healing. You are owning and surrendering to your feelings.

There is no blame, no victimizing, also no pressure and not time limit. No “cleansing of the feelings” since this would attribute them as “dirty”. Simply allowing, accepting, making space for them.

Life gets so rich when you can find relief in allowing your feelings of the moment.

By doing so you are allowing your feelings and their energy to slowly let go (L = let go).

Energy can never be destroyed or created, it can only be transformed. The energy from your fear and feelings of low self-esteem is slowly transformed into something else.

This was what happened to me. I was able to embrace my fear and my wounded self-esteem.

Eventually, greed disappeared and so did my defence against my Mom’s words. I was able to embrace the little girl in me and gave her reassurance that she will be OK. I was also able to understand my Mom’s pain with compassion.

This is what we ALL need.

Instead of being judgemental around our “greed”, we need to F.E.E.L. the conflict underneath and heal that. Then and only then we will be able to get in touch with our true and healthy needs and once we do, we will be able to effortlessly manifest them in the material world too.

So, let’s be honest together, OK?

What desires you haven’t been able to manifest yet?

Take a minute and write them down. Then, meditate on them and find out where you are in  judgement about being “greedy” for desiring that particular thing.

Admit it and suspend judgement. YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR ANSWER YET. But you can find your way and manifest it immediately if you F.E.E.L. through it. I promise!

Go underneath your “greed” and embark on F.E.E.L., my dear Visionary. You will heal and you will manifest.

Can it get any better than that?

Oh, yes, it can. Next you can spread this precious wisdom to those you love and care about.  You can help them F.E.E.L. rather than judge them. This is the future of humanity, can you see that?

I am so thankful you are here with me. This is really big since this world desperately needs more healers, storytellers and lovers of all kind.


F.E.E.L. through to your desires to manifest them and never forget, I totally trust and believe in your success!