Leap for Leaders 4 month program

Transform the emotions that are holding you back and become the impactful Visionary Leader you were always meant to be…


Exclusive 4 month program for Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Your emotions are your superpower. It’s time to use them to unleash your greatness. 

Dear Visionary Leader

Yes, I’m talking to you ;)  

You may not always feel it but I see your greatness.  

It’s time to conquer the fear, doubt and uncertainty that’s standing in between you and your BIG Vision… it’s time to LEAP because the world needs you!  

Here’s the truth. It’s impossible to do BIG things in the world like you want to or to make the impact you’re meant to if you don’t know how to tolerate the emotional rollercoaster holding you back.  

Think about it.  

How many of your dreams have died, how many projects didn’t make it off the ground and how many millions have you left on the table, because you didn’t have the confidence and the emotional strength?  

If you are a Visionary: a transformational agent, a coach, an entrepreneur or a CEO who knows you’re here to make a really big impact and change the world with your big ideas.  

It’s time to step out of denial.  

Stop trying to convince yourself that you big dreams aren’t meant to be and choose to play a bigger game.  

I know it’s not easy, but that’s why I’ve put together a really powerful journey to help you along the way.  

It’s here to show you exactly how to overcome the emotional obstacles holding you back so you can make your big leap into visionary leadership.  

At the end of our 4 month journey together you get to LEAP into the impactful, Visionary Leadership you’re meant for with confidence.

You will be empowered to …  

  • Be emotionally ready for your big dream.  
  • Launch your dream project, ask for what you want in a big way, claim your new position, publish your book or impact the world with your idea!  
  • Release the frustration of feeling lost or stuck or knowing you’re meant for more for good.  
  • Follow your wildest dreams even when you’re scared.  
  • Trust yourself and your calling as a Leader.  
  • Stop getting sucked into fear, doubt and other paralyzing emotions so you can move forward.  

And you will do all this, fully supported as you find your way through your eye of the needle to confidence, emotional strength, purpose and success.

Hi, I’m Shanti Morojna. 

For 26+ years I’ve been teaching and helping transformational agents and entrepreneurs to find the emotional strength to go for it and make their BIG dream real and now I want to share my unique and effective approach to emotional transformation with YOU!  



An Exclusive Program for Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Ready To Master Their Emotions, Go For Their Dreams, and Make An Impact 

In Leap For Leaders you’ll learn to conquer your emotional obstacles and leap into your BIG Vision by mastering a revolutionary, simple and effective F.E.E.L.™ METHOD designed to help you transform and leverage your emotions to go after your biggest dreams and to walk through the phases of your leadership journey with ease and success.

My clients (CEOs, visionary entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, transformational agents, coaches, and healers) have used the LEAP FOR LEADERS curriculum to transform their emotions, helping them achieve a level of confidence and emotional strength which leads them to abundance, impact, and success they always wanted to have.

This is what we’ll cover

F.E.E.L.™ Method

Emotional struggle holds you back?  

I’ll guide you through my simple and very effective method for emotional transformation and you’ll change your “drama” into confidence to manifest your purpose, impact and money you deserve.

Identify the painful “Denial Phase"  

Understand your clues about your purpose & mission and avoid the most painful lie you can say to yourself: “IT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE”! You'll learn how to recognise you are just at the threshold and what you need to do next to leap into impactful leadership.

The map through 6 phases  

Every meaningful achievement goes through 6 phases: denial, anger, bargain, eye of the needle, surrender and finally you’ll reach confidence, emotional strength, purpose and success. I’ll give you the entire map so you can find where you are and how to make your next best move. 

Vulnerability - yes or no?  

Your most desired feelings are those of confidence and belonging. You need to welcome vulnerabilty to achieve that. I’ll show you how to overcome resistance to vulnerability and achieve sense of fulfilment you are looking for.

The world truly needs what I have to offer  

Before discovering Shanti I was quite confused about my next step, I was doing a thousand little things and avoiding the important matters in my business. My biggest AH-HA moment was FEEL YOUR WORTH! 

The biggest gift to me was the recognition that I was not making up my value and that the world truly needs what I have to offer. I don’t need to adapt to average, I can pave the path of my desires. It is OK to be me, we are all together in this world and we all want to make it a better place each in our own way.  

Martina Z., Professional Photographer

I have returned the investment at least 7 times  

Shanti, I need to tell you that I have sold my first program today. And then 2 more programs in the next day. It works! I’m so happy!  

I am extremely grateful that under your leadership I have found the missing piece. I know I have to learn a lot about leadership but now I know I am on the right path under the right mentorship.  

In just few a months after the LEAP for LEADERS I have returned the investment 7 times already. I cannot express my gratitude enough!  

Sonia A., Energy Healer & Lymphatic Drainage Therapist  

How do we create lasting emotional transformation?

It all starts with my revolutionary, simple method for emotional transformation.

It’s called F.E.E.L.™ method  

You’ll learn how to master it when you join us in, LEAP FOR LEADERS, but right now it is my pleasure to introduce it to you.  

As you can tell. It’s an acronym.  

Each letter stands for a step in the process of the simplest, most effective technique for emotional transformation that I have ever experience… and that’s why I’m so excited to teach it to you too. 

F.E.E.L.™ - F stands for being willing to make yourself available to feel.  

This is the first step. In order to make your emotional transformation, you need to get in touch with your feelings first. Many of us are not raised to pay attention to what we feel. We run through life, and more then ever, try to escape our feelings in various ways… Like overworking, stressing out, having another chocolate, buying expensive shoes or a fancy car, running fast through life … you name it.  

In fact, let’s try this. If I ask you, what do you feel right now, are you able to answer my question?  

There is no judgement at all. I just want you to make yourself available to feel to the best of your current ability.  

Being vulnerable and tolerating the discomfort of certain feelings was simply too much for you in the past, but now you are here.  

That says a lot. You are ready to go deeper and to discover your true power. So make yourself available to FEEL first. 

F.E.E.L.™ - After F there comes the first E. It stands for Embody. 

Feelings are not felt somewhere in the air around you, they are felt in your body. Your next step is to consciously feel the feelings in your body. To embody them. No judgement, no story, no blame, no attempt at understanding is even necessary at this point. You are the owner of your feelings. 

This means you take complete and 100% responsibility for them. This will empower you as you reclaim your responsibility and power to create your life. 

F.E.E.L.™ - Next, is the other E. Express. 

If you just express what you feel, without searching for a solution yet, the energy will change so much that new and previously unseen solutions will present themselves magically. 

Never underestimate the power of giving yourself permission to fully express. 

And last (but not least), the L. It stands for letting go. 

You have done your job. You’ve made yourself available to feel, you’ve embodied and expressed what you feel without blame and with 100% responsibility.  

Now it is time to let go. To embrace the unknown. You don’t know what may evolve from the present moment. By being present and witnessing, you become open to stepping into a new reality. And I promise, every time you do that, something amazing will appear before you and your life will be changed, bit by bit, for ever.

I learned how to firmly take a stand  

When I contacted Shanti, I already knew a great deal about the way Brennan healing science works and did not expect less then miracles to happen. Those "miracles" surely did happen but never without me having to do my part.  

Shanti holds a loving, compassionate energy which makes it easier to release old pains and wounds and to heal our past. Although my ego tried many times to "be saved" instead of taking my power and with it, my responsibility, she firmly stays in her own power and does not take mine by trying to "save me", so I have no choice but to be empowered and learn to stand on my own feet.  

Bernardett K., Author

They don’t know me this calm  

I don’t know exactly what happened in yesterday’s VIP intensive with you, but results are incredible!  

Yesterday I have followed your advice and took time for a long walk, but afterwards I had to finish some urgent work. I worked till 2 a.m., took 3 hours of sleep and continued. Everything done and resolved.  

It is unbelievable to me, that after 16 hours of work, after almost no sleep, I am totally calm and relaxed. Today I had very intense day with several very problematic interruptions from banks and their requests, and I was totally calm. My co-workers asked me, what happened to me that I keep my calm so naturally, they even said they don’t know me this way!  

Alenka R., Estate Developer & Investor

F.E.E.L.™ Method and the results you can expect 

The more you practice F.E.E.L.™, the more easily it comes to you and the more you’ll love it (and the results).  

Anyone can master it. 

It's highly effective …. because….it is simple and takes you through rather only put a pink coat on your feelings.  

It helps you transform rather than avoid or neglect or erase your feelings, and by doing so, it supports your energetic system fully.  

(It is simple but encompasses the entire science about human energy system.)  

If you're here, it's because you are sitting at a major turning point in your life.  

I call it “an emotional zero point”.  

As long as your stubborn subconscious patterns govern your life from behind the scenes, you cannot and will not rise to the level of impact and success you know you're meant to.  

You need to discover and RELEASE emotional charge from your subconscious patterns and from there on you can create the emotions, the intention and the presence that you require to do big things in your life without letting your emotions run the show.  

You finally get back in the driver’s seat.  

Pay attention here!  

Freeing your emotional baggage is NOT just cutting yourself from it or burying it so deep that you don’t feel it anymore - this will only make the situation worse. The same old emotional drama continues to play out.  

Is that how want to spend the rest of your life?  

Until you truly free yourself from your emotional load, nothing really helps.  

All positive affirmations and positive thinking is merely white-washing a dingy rotting fence. It looks good for few days but eventually it looks worn down once again.  

Instead you want to build a brand new one… and that’s what F.E.E.L.™ does.  

And when you can work with your emotions, instead of fighting them all the time, you can use them to fuel your BIG LEAP.  

The really cool thing is, with F.E.E.L.™ you’ll also transform in other areas of your life.  

It has a major ripple effect.  

You will: 

Program content

Here's how the program works and what we'll cover in our time together...  

LEAP FOR LEADERS is a 4 month online program. You can participate from the comfort of your own sofa as long as you have internet access. A Facebook account is recommended too.  

The program teaches you how to master the F.E.E.L.™ method while travelling through the 6 phases of your leadership journey, Fear, Denial, Anger, Eye of the Needle, Surrender and Purposeful Success.

We’ll gather for 1 kick-off call plus 6, bi-weekly teaching and coaching calls as follows: 

Kick off coaching call

We will embark on our journey, set sail into uncharted waters and leave the familiar shoreline. 

You are about to discover a new reality and you can’t do this repeating same familiar actions you’ve been doing up until now. So get ready, your adventure begins. Along with powerful coaching, you will begin to master the F.E.E.L.™ method, the vehicle to travel through phases of your journey. Without it this valuable tool you will stay stuck and that is not why you are here. 

So get ready to F.E.E.L.™ and to transform also the parts of your life that seem really hopeless. This is the big promise and I stand behind it fully!

Phase 1: DENIAL

Module 1: Step Out Of Denial And Face The Truth— You Are An Impactful, Visionary Leader!

Module 2: Emotional Transformation: From FEAR to COURAGE to step in your Leadership role.

Here you will start rapidly transforming right away. You are a Leader and since you have been warmed up for this transformation though these introductory videos and your kick off coaching call, you are ready to lift off. You need to face what is keeping you from stepping fully into your Leadership and this will be so liberating. You will face your stress, the source of your burn out, struggles, conflicts, inner dilemmas or whatever is holding you back in your life. You will recognize exactly what your unconscious strategy is to keep you small and safe.  

In every module we will deepen your emotional transformation too, using and mastering F.E.E.L. 

The emotion you are transforming in the 1st module, is FEAR. 

You will master making space, tolerating the emotion of fear and harnessing its’ energy once it is transformed. Remember, we are not getting rid of anything, we are transforming the energy.  

After every content module you receive powerful coaching in our group call where you will nail it and integrate it in your life.  

Like Bruce Lee said:  

Knowing is not enough, we must apply it. Willing is not enough, we must do.  

For this reason I have included group coaching calls. I am so committed to your success since this world needs Leaders, who are willing to be vulnerable and create new Paths.  

From denial we go on and naturally you will enter into the phase of: 

Phase 2: ANGER

Module 3: Healthy Anger— Access The True Power Within To Make Your Crucial Step.

Module 4: Emotional Transformation: From ANGER to TRUE POWER to make your bold move.

Once you step out of denial, you will naturally feel angry. How did you manage to fool yourself for so long? But anger not channelled in the right way leads nowhere, only perhaps to conflict or self-diminishment or self judgement, and all can do harm. But what if you learn how to use anger in a healthy way? Then you will use the energy to fuel your crucial next step and you will do it from a place of calm, respect and determination. I know, anger is so misunderstood and misused in our society. You, as a Leader, will crush this myth and lead your Vision through a wave of your inner power.  

Again, our coaching call will help you master this and you will never look at the anger the same way again.  

The emotion you are transforming in the second module, is ANGER.  

And when you can work with your anger in a healthy way, your conflicts will dissolve, you will be able to attract and maintain healthy relationships, and most importantly, you will be able to move forward with inner strength on your Leadership Journey, every single time.  

Phase 3: BARGAIN

Module 5: No More Bargaining— Stop Negotiating And Claim Your Leadership.

Module 6: Emotional Transformation: From GUILT to RIGHT TO SUCCEED in your wildest dreams. 

When you deal with anger and transform it into inner strength, your Journey is still not over yet. You will enter the room of negotiation. You are willing to do what it takes, but you want it on your terms...and it won’t be. Yes, I know, you don’t want to hear that. I don’t like this phase either. This phase sucks. Especially since the ruler in it is GUILT. But you need to be smarter and most of all, emotionally stronger.  

Guilt is not even a feeling. It is more your programmed response to certain preconceived notions or restrictions. Or, simply said, guilt really rises up because of your programming in your environment. You are so done with that! In this phase you will release tons of old programming and you will literally fly to the next phase.  

The emotion you will be transforming in this phase, is GUILT.  

 and it’s the most hidden and sneaky success saboteur you can imagine.  

I’m sure you’ve heard of success factors, right? Well, this is the “anti-success factor”. If you are still looking for a reason of being stuck, this is probably at work. You are not the only one. Get over it and LEAP is yours! And of course, we will be in this together in our group coaching call. Truly, I have never met anyone who can do this alone. This is how it is. My own teacher loved to say that what was caused in the absence of love, can only be healed in the presence of love. That’s why we have a safe, loving container for this transformation.  


Module 7: Going Through The Eye Of The Needle— I See The Land!

Module 8: Emotional Transformation: From SADNESS to LOVE and embracing your true longing.

When you release the guilt and move forward, you will definitely experience a profound change in your life. You might be called to release people, situations, beliefs, even your identity or old ways that kept you “safe” . As a Leader you need to tolerate the unknown, you need to be able to make decisions based on what you cannot see, and you need to trust your feelings to be your best guides in every single situation. You won’t get approval from the outside since you are creating a new Path. You are bringing your Vision to the world and you are called to do that.  

In this phase you need to do what it takes. You need to be light and free of burden in order to go through the eye of the needle. You are so close to your purpose and new reality.  

I don’t even want to tell you more. This is your adventure! And it’s meant to unfold as you walk your path. You will find out what is there for you as you walk it. Though you can’t see it now, I promise, you will be astonished. This is the beauty and mystery of life. 

The emotion of the fourth phase is sadness. You will transform it into its original energy, LOVE.  

Never forget, the energy of emotion can only be transformed, it can never be eliminated or cleared. The coaching call for the last act of your journey will take you deep. Here, you will find the pearl in the shell and make your way back up to the surface. 


Module 9: Surrender To Your True Leadership.

Module 10: Emotional Transformation: From LONELINESS to PEACE and TRUST in your unique Leadership Path.

Once you are through the eye of the needle, you need to surrender. But this surrender will take a completely different form. It will be a surrender to your true power. It will be you, living out your new reality. It will be doing, taking action and walking your path, not just thinking about it.  

The whole Journey is meant to support you while you are growing into the visionary, impactful leader you were always meant to be. Now is your moment. You have arrived. You need to get used to the new you and that will take time. It will be rewarded abundantly, in many currencies. Time, money, impact, purpose, fulfilment and contribution. Your relationships will be healthy too. Mastering F.E.E.L.™ makes this possible for you. 

The emotions you will be claiming in the fifth module, are peace and trust.  

Many of us were not raised in an environment where we could trust and this will keep you from stepping into your Leadership. So, trust is what you are going to embody here. Our coaching call will be devoted to emotionally transforming everything that prevents you from trusting and having inner peace, and of course, you will practice surrendering to your true Leadership. 


Module 11: Live Your Purpose, Live Your Success.

Module 12: Emotional Transformation: From WORRY to JOY and FULFILMENT of your ultimate Success and Manifesting the life of your Dreams.

OK, you are almost there! But your new reality needs some support until it is really solid. The last module is meant to give you the last push, the last stroke, the last encouragement and also the last anchor.  

Emotional transformation is really about joy and fulfillment.  

 You can only be an impactful leader if you solidly incorporate joy into your life. After all the baggage we’ve unloaded, it will be a really natural thing that appears in your life. We, as humans, we are naturally wired to be happy, live in joy and pleasure. Not instant gratification pleasure but pleasure that comes from the values we nurture, impact, purpose and contribution. So if you are not experiencing as much joy as you would like to right now in your life, then look forward to it. There is always sun hiding behind the clouds.  

Our last coaching call will be devoted to our joyful celebration and future plans. I am so excited for this celebration because I believe in and expect your success. 


Private Community

You’ll receive access to our private Facebook group. This group is an opportunity for so much additional support. And don’t worry, you won’t be just a number among many.  

Call recordings + 

You’ll also have lifetime access to your program materials here too.  

Very special BONUS

 2 private sessions with me (30 minutes each). This is a huge value and a really powerful opportunity for support. Sometimes all it takes is the right point of direction to help you land on a whole new planet.  

And at the end of our 4 month journey together…You get to LEAP into the impactful, Visionary Leadership you’re meant for with confidence.  

A transformation this HUGE is truly priceless, and it can be yours for a really accessible investment

There’s always an opportunity to let yourself off the hook. To do what you’ve always done.  

If you are here, I believe, your moment is NOW!  

Now is the time that Universal Forces are showing up in your life to help you to write a new story. It is my mission to help you!

I have learned how to be gentle and powerful at the same time  

Shanti, I don’t think I can put into words all the knowledge that I have received in this short time. I have learned that it’s possible to help the world in a loving way AND take care of my own existence at the same time.  

I have learned how to be gentle and powerful at the same time. Abundance of wisdom is like balsam to my soul. Now I feel equipped with a new knowing which is priceless. Your teaching is priceless - thank you, thanks to all!  

Maya K., Energy Healer

I saw how much power I possess!  

Through the program I’ve been through different stages. I really saw there, how much POWER I posses and how excellently am I able to respond in unknown situations.  

I started to BELIEVE IN MYSELF, to trust myself, to listen to myself and to hear it.  

I dared to react differently in certain situations....differently from I was used to.... and I came out of this situations whole and not wounded and disappointed as I used to! I learned how to express and explain myself....how I feel, how I experience situations - this was the most difficult part!  

Natasha M., Entrepreneur & Dietician


There’s really only one question. I know you are here to move forward and that you have a reason this is important in your life. If you’re here you’re not a beginner to personal growth either so I won’t even go into the “I have no money” or “I have no time” kind of excuses. You already know the truth there.  

The only real question is this:  

“Can I really do this? Can I really transform the emotions that are holding me back with a simple technique and go after what I really want and make an impact as a confident, Visionary Leader?”  

And the answer is...  

You can… IF you’re willing to trust yourself.  

 If you’re willing to trust your instincts and in your own ability to become the impactful leader you know you’re meant to be. You can transform beyond your wildest dreams.  

The F.E.E.L.™ Method works.  

If you’re here you’ve heard my own personal success story, you understand that it is back in 26+ yrs of study, that it’s created miracles for hundreds of client and you’ve probably had the opportunity to try it for yourself.  

You already sense there is something different about F.E.E.L.™.  

What I can guarantee is that this will be the most transformational program you will ever experience and one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself. You will be so grateful you said yes to your transformation here if you show up willing to embrace the transformation that’s meant for you.  

However… the answer to “Can I really do this” is summed up in Henry Ford’s wise words:  

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't— you're right.”  

And he was right. No one can help you unless you decide you are willing to do what it takes. Unless you decide you can. But once you are determined and you enter the Journey, I have never, ever seen anyone who wasn’t presented by a bigger, wonderful, more surprising reality before them just waiting to be discovered!  

Every visionary who has created an impact, was faced with the same discomfort of being in the same unknown, unpredictable place without any certainty of what lies ahead. You too need to embrace this adventure.  

All growth happens outside of the comfort zone. And so will yours.  

It is my purpose to hold space and a vision of a bigger picture for you. LEAP FOR LEADERS is designed to move you through your journey and hold you, supported, outside your comfort zone so that you can transform. That’s my promise.  

Now I’m asking you.  

Are you ready to step into a bigger life? Are you ready to journey to becoming the Impactful, Visionary Leader that you were always meant to be?  

If the answer is yes, then your next step is clear. 

About Shanti

Hello, I’m Shanti Morojna and I have a beautiful vision. I see the world, where everybody is living healthy emotional life, has the right to express what he or she feels, where people listen and support each other, where people feel connected and co-create healthy relationships and abundance.  

It is so nice to meet you! I am a mother of three teenagers, ex-himalayan climber, adventure lover, eternal student and a dedicated mentor. My greatest passion is your breakthrough and transformation into a happy and deliberate creator of your dreams. I wholeheartedly make sure that your personal transformation is reflected in beautiful relationships, fulfilled dreams, and a happy life. I enjoy being in nature and explore beautiful places of this world. My passion is freedom.  

I love my life and I walk my talk because I deliberately set up my business so that my office can be wherever I want. I work from white sandy beaches in the tropics, and consider warm, California my second home. I spend my time in a hotel near the snowy ski slopes or at home in my garden.  

I am the creator of the F.E.E.L. ™ method, which is the fruit of 26 years of work, research and in-depth study. I followed the wisdom of Albert Einstein, who said: "If you can not explain something simply, then you do not understand it well enough." The F.E.E.L. ™ method changes lives around the world and we’re just getting started.  

Personally, I went through a deep crisis when I almost lost my daughter. I’ve experienced, first-hand, what it means when people say "what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger". I went through three different careers to find out what I am really meant to do. I firmly stand by the belief that I need to listen to myself and follow my instincts.  

Through my own emotional healing, rising strong out of my financial crisis and working with thousands of students, I have learned that the sky is our only limit.  

My professional career has transformed in my ways too. I was a professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Maribor for many years (my clients love that my approach is influenced by my technical mind. I’m very grounded). Later on I was the founder, President and the pioneering Slovenian breastfeeding consultant, the largest non-profit organization at the time in Slovenia. While leading this non-profit, I completed a 6 year training through the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I am constantly upgrading my professional and business knowledge with renowned international mentors.  

I've published two bestselling books, 40 DAYS FOR THE ABUNDANCE and TAKE THE CAST OFF OF YOUR SOUL, both available in my mother tongue, Slovenian.  

My mission is to help Visionary Leaders to change the world and make it a better and loving place for all of us.